Welcome to my site!

I am a D.C. based broadcast journalism student, studying at American University.

Hopefully this site will give you all a view inside my world, passions and interests! Under each tab you will be able to find some of my favorite content that I have produced and worked on recently.

The Reel tab will show work that I have done, on air, as an anchor and as a reporter for a class’s weekly newscast.

The Packages/Video tab will offer a look into videos and news pieces that I have filmed and produced.

News segments, created for a radio/audio format, will be found under the Audio tab. The topics that are covered are centered upon the Washington D.C. area.

The tab of Broadcast Writing and Reporting contains broadcast news scripts, based off of Senate and Supreme Court hearings that I have attended and reported.

During my free time you can find me podcasting about sports, trying to learn more about the world of multimedia journalism. Under the Podcast tab you will be able to listen to the best clips from each podcast that I do. I speak about sports, in an unconventional manner, while I explore this landscape of audio storytelling.

Lastly, the Blog tab will offer you a look into other various stories that I have reported and worked on.